Gazette-8-16-06Thank you so much for your visit! I’m Kate Rossetto. I founded Montana-based Scents of Balance™ in 1988 to share Mother Earth’s bounty of plant energies. My experience with Aromatherapy and Herbology began in the 1960s when I began making lotions & creams from essential oils and herbs from my garden. If you are like me, getting to know the individuals that you are guided to support through your on-line purchases is important.

First and foremost, everything that I do begins in the garden.  I love working with the herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits that grow here on my small farm and I consider them allies when creating my skin care and wellness products.  I continue to improve the existing products and formulate new additions to the collections as exciting, cutting edge natural ingredients become available.

Organic essential oils, botanical extracts and infusions, cold pressed fruit, seed and nut oils, are the ingredients that I choose to work with.  Of course, I am not able to grow everything here in the central plains of Montana, because of our short growing season, cold winters and hot, dry summers.  I purchase many wonderful additives like butters, waxes and luxury botanicals to add to my apothecary in order to formulate vital, nurturing and safe products. 

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