Moon Goddess Body Glow

Body Glow — 8oz


This product has been formulated to increase circulation, remove dead skin, rehydrate, nourish & strengthen the nervous system, and bring balance to the psyche. Mimosa flower essence brings about the ability to open to your true magnificence!

Directions for use: Use this home spa treatment BEFORE your bath or shower. Fill tub or stand in the shower. With a small amount of scrub mixture in the palm of your hand, apply in a circular motion, working from the feet upward towards the heart, and from the hands, arms, chest and shoulders downward. Pay particular attention to areas of cellulite. BE GENTLE! You may notice a slight tingling. Relax in your warm tub or shower. It is not necessary to use soap; please put off shaving your legs for another time. Rinse off and pat dry. Your skin will feel silky smooth.

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Oils of fractionated coconut, sesame & camelina, palm stearic, organic white & brown sugar, organic coffee beans, apricot kernel meal, chocolate mint extract, organic essential oils of nutmeg, spearmint, ylang ylang & cocoa, mimosa flower essence