Protective Hand Creme

Protective Hand Cream with MSM — 4oz



This is not your average flimsy hand cream! I made it especially for me, because I am either in the garden or in the sink with my hands…and I have arthritis! My hands work hard and get really dirty and tired! I would not be without this cream. The herbs that I add keep those little cuts and scratches from getting infected, the MSM reduces inflammation and pain, and the wonderful healing oils and the lanolin soften and protect. The magnolia flower essence works on an energetic level to bring our physical life into alignment with our highest vision.

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distilled water, organic myrtle leaf hydrosol, aloe vera, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), emulsifying wax, palm stearic, shea butter, cold pressed oils of camelina & safflower, lanolin, rosemary infused oil of oregano & thyme, vitamin E, herbal extracts of Montana yew tip, licorice root, comfrey leaf, calendula, elderberry, echinacea, burdock root, yellow dock, lavender & black willow bark, rosemary oleoresin, suttocide A, pure essential oils of rosemary, geranium, tea tree, lavender, leleshwa & ravensare, magnolia flower essence