Take Me There! Mists



Use these healing mists with intention and visualization to release unwanted energy patterns. High frequency essential oils, sacred waters, flower essences, crystals and essence of Mother Earth, gifted from powerful energy vortexes in the Pryor and Big Horn Mountains of Montana & Wyoming will ease your pilgrimage to the self and open the doorway to growth and wholeness.

Take Me There! mists are packaged in 2 oz. glass bottles. A fine mist spray top is provided.

Directions for Use: Close your eyes and state your intention for using the mist. Visualize yourself centered, balanced and open to healing. Vigorously shake the bottle, which will awaken and oxygenate the synergy. Mist above and around the head and body while deeply inhaling the fragrance. Hold the energy for several minutes. YOU ARE THERE! Give thanks to the earth for gifting her energies so that you might heal. May be used as often as you are guided to do so.

Weaves together the gifts of past lives with the virgin field of consciousness now available to us. Transforms frozen imprints around money & the feminine. Allows us to know & appreciate the sacredness of life & hold steadfast to our path.

Assists one in releasing old fears, anger and emotional pain. Encourages the forgiveness of self and others, clearing the path to upliftment and inner peace.

Opens the “breath” to receive divine protection and guidance. Provides lightness, energy, excitement and confidence to “take flight” and manifest your dreams.

I Am
Brings the awareness of our full potential as “spiritual beings”. Assists in the shedding of outdated behavior and attitudes, providing an outcome of total surrender to the Creator. Aids in grounding and centering while enhancing visualization and connection to our “higher self”.

Opens a pathway to deep emotional peace and happiness. Unites physical and spiritual love. Elevates and uplifts all of the senses.

Power and Grace
Inspires and uplifts while increasing confidence, courage and determination. Stimulates personal power. Assists one in recognizing our divine right to abundance in all things.

Sweet Dreams
Creates an energetic, angelic environment in which one can feel “safe” and protected. Soothing to the nervous and muscular systems, so that anxiety, tension and stress can be released. Invites restful sleep and sweet dreams.

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distilled water, organic essential oils, flower essences, less than 1% grain alcohol