White Tea & Raspberry Facial Toner

White Tea & Raspberry Toner — 2oz



A delicious treatment to stimulate, repair & tone your skin. This toner is great for young, inflamed skin, as well as mature skin. A great all-purpose toner.

Raspberry fruit & leaf along with white tea are potent anti-oxidants which protect the body’s cells by preventing free radical damage. Selected essential oils and extracts will reduce the formation of wrinkles, increase elasticity, fade hyper-pigmentation, stimulate circulation & hydrate your skin. Peony flower essence opens the heart in order to feel and give more love.

Directions: Mist on freshly cleansed skin before applying moisturizer. Can also be used throughout the day to sooth and hydrate parched sensitive skin.

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organic geranium, witch hazel & lavender hydrosols, distilled water, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, organic apple vinegar, organic extracts of raspberry fruit & leaf, geranium, white tea, licorice root & wild yam, silver citrate and citric acid, organic essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, carrot seed & lemon, essence of peony