Scents of Balance places a high degree of importance on purchasing top quality, organic raw materials and essential oils for our hand crafted products.  “Raw” materials  are not bleached, refined, or deodorized.   All of the vital nutrients are still there to feed, moisturize and protect your skin!

We make every effort to purchase essential oils and carrier oils that are either organic, biodynamically grown, or wild crafted.

We grow many herbs right here in our gardens.  They are made into the flower essences, tinctures and macerated oils that enhance the therapeutic value of our formulations.

We don’t use artificial fragrances or colorants. You won’t find any synthetic preservatives either.

We use essential oils and herbs for their aroma, therapeutic and preservative qualities.

We would never test our products on animals.  We also seek out Community and Fair Trade ingredients.

Products are hand crafted in small batches which ensures that you, the Scents of Balance™ customer gets the freshest, most vibrant product possible.

Our face care line and high frequency healing products are packaged in Violet Glass, which permanently protect and activate the structure of its contents. All other products are in PET bottles and jars which are as close to glass as you can get, and 100% recyclable. You may return your clean glass jars to us for a discount on your next purchase.

Scents of Balance™ is not just about producing products. It’s the sharing of knowledge and energetic healing. It is a  commitment to the community, the environment and thus the “whole”. This ever-expanding energy stimulates an appreciation of outer as well as inner beauty.