02 Jul

Freshly Harvested Lavender

Lavender Harvest 2011 003

What’s not to love about Lavender!  Besides its visual beauty, it can be used for so many things.  We include it in the formulations for our  “Lavender Collection.”  Inhaling its fragrance brings relief from the stresses of our daily  lives.  The soothing properties of this amazing plant are a must in our lotions and creams.  A quick spritz of our Lavender mist can uplift the spirit while bringing about a restful nights sleep.  We can even cook with it!  The dried flowers are in the classic French  “Herbs de Provence” culinary herb blend.  Here in Montana the first harvest is usually in late June or early July, and sometimes we can harvest again in late September.

01 Jun

Basketfull of freshly harvested German Chamomile

Fresh harvested German Chamomile

What would we do without this amazing plant?  It self seeds in our gardens every year.  It doesn’t always show up where we want it too, and it definitely has a mind of its own!  However, we always have plenty to harvest and make into our tinctures and oil infusions.  Some of the harvest is dried for a calming herbal tea.  It comes in handy when we are overcome with stress and sleepless nights!  The oil infusions are one of the ingredients in our Baby Collection.