28 Feb

Testimonial from a Custom Blend Client

Dear Kate,

Next week will mark a month of using your custom formulations. It is so very strange how people are led to one another (spirits even work through the internet nowadays!), and I am more than grateful to have found you and your wisdom through your plants, which I hope are surviving — with only a few more weeks to go before the heat begins to wane — at least I hope it will be just a few more weeks — there should be a Ground Hog Day for summer too!

I have been using all the custom products religiously, and by that I mean with spiritual intent as well as discipline. I have definitely noticed changes for the better, especially in my moods — happier overall and better in getting along with my father when he is here, although strange remembrances have popped up on occasion, and I think it must be the Fuscia Flower Essence for childhood memories!

No skin breakouts this month!!! And GREAT improvement in the vaginitis, although that seemed to be improving with the Lavender/Peppermint Vinegar even before the custom program.

I am very, very, very grateful to the Universe for sending you to me just in time, and I guess if one just relaxes (hard to do), everyone and everything show up at the proper time — and leave at the proper time.

To merely thank you for your products, however, is not at all what I intend in writing to you now because I do realize that the products themselves are only physical, and it is the essences of their help and healing that I am so glad to receive. Without your personal love and concern (which, by the way, REALLY come right through the bottles as well as the fluids in them!) such powerful effects would be impossible. I have used other essential oils and flower essences too, but none have had anything personal to them even though they are organic and time-harvested and all kinds of other good things, except blessed — personally — by one mortal giver — and WOW, what a difference that unique, individual blessing makes! I can feel it! Anyone could feel it, even the most spiritually dull person would, I believe, become a believer!

I hope more and more persons find you, as I have, through a divine guidance because they don’t know what they’re missing, and it’s amazing the amount of skepticism some people will give to the power of prayer and nature and personal blessing, but not to the things in material life that really deserve to be treated with skepticism. What a paradox because these are people who could most benefit from all the offerings of your talents.

Thank you again and again for your help, and of course, I thank the plants through you.

Best Wishes,