06 Aug

Garden News – August 6,2015

Hi everyone!  What a storm we had here last evening!  I had every intention of posting this blog last night, but I was outside buttoning down the greenhouse and shop and bringing things in that would blow away.  I just now came in from  harvesting for your CSA box.  It is now almost 4 o’clock and I will be seeing you all soon.  So, apologies for getting this out late.  This is my life at Kate’s Garden.  The garden is a stern mistress.  I abide by her schedule….not mine.

It’s definitely not going to be a night shade year.  The tomatoes are half the height and fullness that they were last year.  Same for the peppers.  The eggplants are not even flowering yet.  Other growers are having the same problems, so I know it is not just me.  Thankfully, the cucumbers and zucchini are doing well.  I harvested over 50# of cucs over the last two days.  If any of you are wanting to make fresh refrigerator pickles or dills, let me know.  I can set some aside for you so that they will be harvested the day before you need them.  I also have fresh dill and garlic.  You will need to pre-order so that I can plan the harvest.  I also have Italian basil that can be made into pesto and put into your freezer to use during the winter.  Let me know if you need any.  I can supply you with recipes, too.  With all of the weather challenges going on all over the country, I have a feeling that the availability of many fruits and vegetable will be much less in the supermarket winter and the prices will be much higher.  I encourage you to do a little canning, freezing and dehydrating with some of your CSA share.  It’s a great way to reduce your trips to the grocery store and will certainly save you money.  You will be eating healthy, organic food, too!

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