05 Jun

Garden News – June 2015

Welcome to Kate’s Garden & June! I cannot believe how fast this month has come upon us and how slow the season has progressed. Barbara and I had planned to start the CSA program in just 2 weeks; however, living in this beautiful state has perks and downsides. With the weather so cold and wet this spring, we haven’t been able to get all of the seeds and plants into the ground as fast as we were hoping. The ones that are already out there are just sitting!

That being said, we will hopefully be able to start by the end of June. We need some heat! We will continue to update you on the garden progress and when your first pick-up date will be. Mother Nature has her own schedule, and we just have to work with her, even though it can be challenging at times.

We are so thankful that, so far, the hail has missed us this week and are hoping that the sun warms us up quickly so that everything starts growing! You can see from the above photo that the cabbages are doing quite well and we do have some beautiful French Breakfast radishes that are about ready to be harvested. The rhubarb plants are thriving and huge! We worked very hard this past weekend to get the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants transplanted, but there is still a lot of seeding left to do.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us keep up with the garden. This year we will have a couple of FFA students from Shepherd Middle School helping us weed and learn how to run a successful farm. The girls are very excited to learn and help out. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you are interested in learning as well.

Our rhubarb is available at the Good Earth Market right now, so why not whip up some sauce to stir into your yogurt or top off a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My favorite yummy fruit crisp is always a hit, too!

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