27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving and Reflections

As I sat in meditation this morning, I was a filled with so many questions, thoughts and emotions. Why does it have to be that on this one day we are to be thankful?

Why shouldn’t we be thankful every day? We are all here to be a part of the transformation and evolution of ourselves and our planet… to experience each and every moment with gratitude, wonder, and purpose. We are presented with opportunity every day.

Being here in this wonderful community of family and friends has brought many gifts. It has been both delightful and disappointing seeing some of the changes going on all around us. Even though things may not always seem like we are moving forward, I know deep within me that we are indeed doing just that. I see so many of us reaching out, sharing our gifts and letting go of past hurts, resentments and anger. Let’s keep doing this, as it will most certainly accelerate our ability to be creators of greatness, which is, after all, what we are!

If we hold in our hearts the vision of a peaceful, loving and abundant world, isn’t it possible that it will manifest? I am holding on to that thought. Will you join me in this?

Thanksgiving! Let us live it every day! Thank you all for being here with me on this day and all those to follow.

Blessings to you!