German Johnson


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78 Days  Indeterminate

A large, prolific plant originating in Virginia and North Carolina. Thought to be one of the four parent lines of “Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter.” Big, leafy, robust plants that produce huge, 1 lb., pink, beefsteak-type tomatoes The flavor is excellent. A very popular farmers’ market tomato and a wonderful sandwich tomato. Good disease resistance.

These tomato starts will be in 4” pots and will be available for local pickup in mid to late May.

Determinate VS Indeterminate

Indeterminate Plants

  • Ripen over a long period of time
  • Climbing type
  • Need to be staked

Determinate Plants

  • Ripen over a short period of time
  • Bush type
  • Good to grow in pots, plants stay short