13 Aug

2014 CSA – Week 9

I have been blessed to have a new volunteer to help in the garden.  Morgann comes 1 day a week and she brings her pet chicken, Clarissa.  She is a heritage bird whose feet were severely frost bitten and her owners couldn’t keep her.  Morgann came to her rescue.  Bodie, Mara the cat and the rest of us love having her here, as she adds to the beauty, wildness and vitality of the gardens.

The new seedlings that we have been planting are starting to come up.  However, the flea beetles are loving them.  I am spraying with various organic sprays to keep them at bay, but with the extreme heat we have been experiencing I am having to overhead water more which just washes the botanicals right off!  All I can do is keep trying.

The first of the eggplant should be ready for you next week, and hopefully some peppers.  This weeks selection will include carrots, beets, kale, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, rhubarb and a selection of herbs.

If you have some favorite recipes that you would like to share with the CSA members, you can send them to me via email and I will include them in my newsletters.  It always so nice to have new material to add to the recipe box.

Marlene will be bringing eggs again this week.  Her chickens have not been producing as many eggs as usual because of the heat. But I should have at least 7 or 8 dozen.

Thank you all for letting me know that you are enjoying the newsletter.  I usually don’t get around to writing it until Wednesday night after I know what is going to be in your share for that week.  Sometimes I am exhausted from the days work, but I try my best to make it informative.