25 Jun

2014 – CSA : Your second week

It was so nice to see you all last week.  Some familiar faces and lots of new faces graced the garden shed so things are off to a grand start.  The weather has been cool, so those heat loving plants like the peppers, eggplant and basil are just sitting there wondering what they are supposed to do.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we do not get any hail this week and night temperatures increase.  I am hearing that next week is going to really hot!  Extreme temperature fluctuations are really hard on the plants, as they do not have the time to acclimate.

This weeks harvest will of course provide lots more greens.  Don’t get discouraged, as when things heat up, there will not be as many, so take advantage of the bounty and blanch and freeze them for your winter soups and stews.  This weeks share will include radish, scallions, lettuce, spinach, braising greens, broccoli and herbs.   The snap peas are looking wonderful and setting their pods, so they will be in next weeks share.  The cabbage is soon to follow.

I will have strawberries for sale for those of you who would  like some.  They sell for $7 a quart.  You can pre-order larger amounts if you want to make jams or chutneys, or freeze some for your smoothies.  They will  only be available for another week or so, and then the raspberries will follow.

Just a reminder to please remember to bring your bags or boxes in which to place your share, as I will not be providing them.